Thursday, September 15, 2011


RESET⎟ Short Film based on the script IMAGINARIUM written by Carla Forte

RESET is a short film narrating the story of Ruben, a lower-class visual artist who has decided to abandon his tormented life by taking refuge within his own imagination; creating a world parallel to reality, which distances him from all material and emotional attachment, thus exorcizing his ego.

By Carla Forte 

Produced by BISTOURYfilms In collaboration with CINEOLA FILMS Cast LUKE GRANDE Written and Directed by CARLA FORTE Produced by ALEXEY TARAN and CARLA FORTE Director of photography DOMINGO OLAVARRIA Editor and Sound Designer ALEXEY TARAN Composer JURAJ KOJS Assistant Director ELIZABETH BELILTY Poem by VICENTE FORTE Sound Recording VICENTE FORTE Producer Assistant 1 JESSICA DE ABREU Producer Assistant 2 CARLOS CORDOVA Still Photography CORINA FREYRE Subtitles CARLOS ORTIZ Behind the Scenes VICTOR JIMENEZ

ⓒ 2012 BISTOURYfilms